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Meet Dr. Steve GillisRevitalize Your Health
at Gillis Chiropractic

Perhaps you’ve put up with pain or discomfort for too long, or maybe you want to add another component to your wellness regimen. At Gillis Chiropractic, patients of all ages can experience optimal health and drug-free relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders and personal injury cases. Since 1997, Saint John Chiropractor Dr. Stephen Gillis has provided more than 100,000 drug-free chiropractic treatments to his patients!

Collaborating With Other Practitioners

As we are part of an excellent referral network, many medical doctors and massage therapists refer patients to us for care. They know that we offer effective chiropractic that gets outstanding results. Likewise, if we feel that our patients can benefit from their services we will refer to them as well.

Lady getting massageOffering State-of-the-Art Surface EMG

One of the ways we stand apart from other practices is that we feature Surface EMG (sEMG), an advanced technology that uses skin surface electrodes to record muscle activity. The procedure is noninvasive and painless. One of the most significant benefits of sEMG is that it removes much of the guesswork out of assessing muscle function.

Enjoy Extra Services Without the Added Costs

At our chiropractic office, we are passionate about providing added value without tacking on extra fees. So in addition to chiropractic care, services like acupuncture and Shockwave Therapy will be given, as needed, as part of your package. Our goal is always to provide whatever assistance you need to get on the path to healing and health.

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Thanks for visiting! We encourage you to explore our information-rich chiropractic site and take a Virtual Office Tour. When you’re ready, contact our practice to book an appointment with Saint John Chiropractor Dr. Gillis. We accept insurance and provide emergency care when needed. Walk-ins are always welcome!